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When is the right time for a new website? Technology and design trends don’t seem to stop evolving there always seems to be a new craze in regards to code, layout and how the pages are going to work Website Development, Wellingborough, Web Design, Web Development, Web Dev, Graphic Design, Flyers, Marketing, Business Development

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15 Mar 2016

Corey Payne

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When is the right time for a new website?

Motivo Media | When is the right time for a new website? | Blog Snippet | Tags

Is this post relevant to the title or are you trying to sell me your services?

If I wasn’t honest you would of currently got yourself reading a very detailed sales pitch and have me mention 17 times that you indefinitely need a website ‘NOW custom built by our team at motivo media.

Right now, you’re lucky, I am not going to. I mean come on, if a website development isn’t needed you need to focus more on other marketing schemes, get yourself some flyers, boost some social media posts to the correct demographic and solely promote your products/services in an indifferent way and get business booming with the money you would of used on a website...

So Motivo, When does my company actually need a new website?

As an internet user, you will know that many website’s vary on how they look. There are numerous sites online that are completely different. Some are timeless with the peter pan effect (never seem to grow old) and some are dated after a year and just seem to stick around.

Whilst there is no ‘perfect timing’ for a new website, using my professional knowledge I can refresh your mind with some completely valid reasons to why other businesses have chosen to re-develop.

  • In it’s time it has grown apart from the branding of the business
  • Changes within the business that result in dramatic website developments
  • Lack of usability on multiple devices
  • Dated and needs to refresh the viewers image and create a better experience

 Everyone's business has their reasons and there is no incorrect reason, just be sensible and don’t get a new website developed a week after having your current one developed.

What can the websites of today do that my website I had built 5 years ago cant?

Please take into account that technology and design trends don’t seem to stop evolving there always seems to be a new craze in regards to code, layout and how the pages are going to work when it comes to developing a new website. In recent years due to advances in technology you have probably noticed a change in user behaviour. Increasingly, people are now viewing websites allot more from their mobile phone and for you as a business it wouldn’t be beneficial if you couldn’t tailor your website for these viewers. I can vouch for this I have family members in their 60’s who last year ditched their old basic Nokia’s and grabbed the latest iphone purely to search the web and save themselves the hassle of buying a computer and I have to say massive props to them, they have found a heap load of self employed people to deal with troubles around the house and that’s what I’m saying if your website isn’t mobile friendly your chances of reaching people who may need your services drop.

The time is right, Motivo Media please design and develop my business a website or can you at least give me some advice?

If you are looking for a new website design & development that will make your business stand out and really improve the way your viewers navigate, feel free to contact the website development team at Motivo Media by calling 01933 278 120 

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