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Selecting the right colour & font for your brand In the back of our minds, whether we’re working in the creative industry or not, we have a personal representation on how colours make us feel. colour, branding, brand identity, graphic design, wellingborough, creative, fonts, font

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14 Mar 2016

Corey Payne

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Selecting the right colour & font for your brand

Motivo Media | Selecting the right colour & font for your brand | Blog Snippet | Tags

Hello fellow creative, aspiring creative, business owner or just general internet searcher…

You’re either here looking for advice on how to choose colours and fonts best suited to your business? Or maybe you’re just having a quick browse through social media and giving this a thorough read. Well good for you, this may help in the best of ways in regards to you building a brand.

The truth about colour & why choice is important:

In the back of our minds, whether we’re working in the creative industry or not, we have a personal representation on how colours make us feel, it’s quite powerful in a very special way. We make detailed assumptions about whatever colour we come across due to associations we have made with the colour viewed over the years.

To prove this statement, if you have young relatives, what colour is their bedroom? (If it’s decorated) for example my sister’s room décor is a wintery blue, pastel pink and vibrant white with the everlasting craze of frozen caricature vinyl’s dotted around. Anyone to view my sister’s room would process the colours and subconsciously along with the viewing of the Frozen vinyl’s understand the theme, whereas if the room was a dark purple with a dark green including the vinyl’s you would become in a sense irritated as it’s not what your memory would consider a theme from the film Frozen.

The ways colours are combined really make a difference to an onlooker’s reaction so choose your brand colours wisely. Below is a list of words that symbolize the colour, view this as you study which colour/colours will best suit your brand.


Hot, healthy, vibrant, youthfulness, autumn, innovative


Appetite, spicy, passion, violence, stop, adventure, danger, instructive


Money, nature, environmental, luck, organic, ecology, growth, success


Dignified, feminine, luxury, royalty, wise, creative, mystery


Power, secretive, sophistication, strong, authority, executive


Dependable, security, personal, identity, natural, simplicity, rural, focus,


Healthcare, authority, peaceful, professional, religion, dependability, structured, exercise, creative, independent


Summer, youthful, appetite, hunger, happy, caution, friendly, warmth


Flirty, exciting, creative, vibrant, powerful, strong, energetic, determined

Now it’s down to choosing the right font, how do I do it?

The process for choosing the right supporting font for your brand/business is very similar in fact almost identical to how you select your choice of colour. Your mind renders font’s and creates a collective image of backdated viewings from deep in your memory just like it does with colour.

In most cases the best font to use for a business/brand is one that has been used and proven over the years. But this shouldn’t stop you from adding a little creativity, make it your own, change the casing, create your own brand identity that moves home into everyone’s subconscious. Remember you don’t want your potential & current clients/customers to forget you.

Precautions when selecting a font:

I can’t stress enough how much you need to look at the dangers involved when overusing a display font and the only suggestion would be, either make it your own or, pair it with another font. This is a creative twist used by many and very effective when used to a correct standard. However if you do pair a font, be sure to stick to the same font family, or make sure the fonts are different on a whole new level. This will help the logo blend and have a very creative balance.

With the use of the perfect colour for your brand/business entwined with the selected font, your logo has an unbeatable amount of personality and effectively creates a memory for your clientele and potential onlookers.

If you would like a logo design for your brand/business feel free to contact the Motivo Wellingborough graphic design team on: 01933 278120 and we will assist you in creating your perfect logo with the right blend of creativity. 

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