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Email marketing with motivomedia Email marketing. The affective way to keep in contact with your clients whilst including self promotion of your business. Email Marketing, Marketing, Design, Development, Email Marketing Wellingborough

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10 Nov 2015

Corey Payne

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Email marketing with Motivo Media

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Email marketing. The effective way to keep in contact with your clients whilst including self promotion of your business. With email marketing, you can reach your target markets quick and simple without the need for large quantities of print space, radio or television time or high production costs.


So what’s going to benefit my business other than the facts mentioned above?

  1. The days are gone of uncontrolled marketing, with email marketing campaigns you can control exactly who see’s it
  2. With strategic planning, smart design and targeted content, your business will consistently value
  3. One of the easiest marketing techniques that can be shared… literally one click of the forward button and boom
  4. You can measure the success of any campaign
  5. What everyone likes to hear, COST EFFECTIVE, return on investment due to no printing costs no postage fees and no advertising rates


Like any other company we have our success story’s, above in the blog picture you can see showcased examples of the frequent email marketing campaigns we send out for ‘Info CTRL’ ‘The Apothecary Room’ and ‘The Hewden Auction’. We design all of the email campaigns bespoke based around your branding and what’s amazing is once you have the first template, you can stick with the theme so your email list, gains recognition and encourages engagement on your emails.  


If you’re still reading I guarantee your intrigued and want to give it a go, well with prices from as low as 1p per recipient what have you got to loose? Definitely an amazing accessory to move your business forward and gain the reputation you deserve.


Call us now if you're interested in trying out this amazing feature: 01933 278120

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